merope (merope3) wrote,

one beautiful thing--the kindness of strangers

Did I mention that I am not a snow person?  Well, I'm not.  In fact, I don't think I've ever dug a car out of the snow. Seems a silly thing to do when eventually all that stuff will melt....

However, I absolutely must be able to get my car on the road by Tuesday, so I set out this morning to try and dig it out.  It was a veru daunting prospect.  When I started  yesterday I gave up after just a short time and today didn't look like it would turn out much better.  The snow was two feet thick around the car.  All around the car.  Shoving the snow off the car just made the situation around the car worse.  I had some dim idea that I'd need to clear all around the wheels and around the tailpipe (or there might be an ...ahem...carbon monoxide incident) and then a path to the street.  But no lie...the snow around the car was, shall we say, massive.

So, I set out to shovel.  I actually didn't do so very badly.  I got the street side of the car shoveled, got the wheels free, got the door open.  Then I started on the front. That didn't go so badly either.  The snow was still light and fluffy on top; it wasn't wet and heavy until I got near the street.  So I had cleared a bit in the front of the car, and was starting to clear the side of the car near the house.  I was getting pretty tired (remember, thin and weak these days...)  Then some sort of angel showed up. Actually it was just a guy with a snow shovel but without saying anything he started shoveling snow away from the car.  I kept telling him he didn't need to help, he'd done enough, etc. but he just laughed and said he likes the practice.  

Long story short he was a fantastic shoveler and we got the car free and able to move in record time.  He turned out to be my neighbor from three doors up who I'd never met.  So that was a bonus good thing...getting my car free so I don't need to worry about getting to the airport and meeting a new friend. And in case you don't believe me, here is our handiwork, ready to roll!

Tags: car, kindness, neighbors, one beautiful thing, snow, winter

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