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quoted for truth #22

"THAT ONE THING.  There will be one thing you do today that would have been difficult or impossible twenty years ago, impossible or unimaginable forty years ago, and unimaginable or half-described in a cheap science fiction paperback sixty years ago.  Look for it.  When you find it, think about it for a minute.  When did it arrive?  Did you notice when it first surfaced into the world?  In twenty years’ time, will it be present, broken, or such an irrelevance that you’ll think about it nostalgically?"

--Warren Ellis


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brian k
Aug. 4th, 2014 02:22 pm (UTC)
found your blog
Stumbled across your blog when i was googling hibachi reviews. Your story about your bathroom experience with a hibachi grabbed my attention.

I'm a former ER nurse, and it was educational to see what happens after people are transferred. Educational and saddening.

Love your cartoons and your blog.

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